Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is very important to the team. The following statements provide details on how information may be collected and used on our websites.

Data Collection

In general most data collection is done anonymously for estimating trends in site usage, what potential clients have an interest in for future content and marketing methods and so we may better adjust our business practices to potential client interests. An example of this would be as follows, visitor 1 visited page "web design" and stayed for 3 minutes then went to the "Design Portfolio" page and stayed another 1 minute before filling out a "consultation request".

You may at times be given the option to provide more data, "signing up for a newsletter" or making a "consultation request", "submitting a resume" or "making a payment online". If you change your mind and do not want us to use this information any longer simply let us know and we will respect your request. When submitting a data that contains information from a third party we will assume you have permission to use this information, for example a resume reference.

Use of Data

Third Party

In some instances we use this data in conjunction with third parties, for example processing a payment requires that we provide your information the merchant processor for verification and to complete the transaction.


In some instances we may use information you provide us such as name, website and the services we provided you with for marketing our services to other potential clients, such as our portfolio or if you provide us with a recommendation or success story.

Resellers / Business partners

At times end users of our resellers and business partners may have an issue and contact us rather than the reseller or business partner directly. In these instances we may need to data we have on file with the reseller or business partner in order to resolve the problem. Any direct contract with a reseller or business partner will supersede this policy.


Data is collected via affiliate tracking codes when a registered affiliate provides a pass-through link to one of our sites in order to credit that affiliate for the referral.

Control Panels

As part of our services offerings we provide control panel access to many of our services such as hosting, email, marketing management, logs, usage statistics and more where user data is collected for auditing and security measures. Per request in some instances your personal account information may be stored and accessed via encrypted connection, username and hashed password authentication. We make every effort to keep you data secure and encrypted at all times. If is your responsibility to make sure the terminal you access these control panels from is secure and free of malicious software.

For more information please give us a call 507 536-9556.

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