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Area51 is private and locally owned Since June 1998. We provid our clients with a Creative edge over the competition. Our company offers unique website design styles as well as effective internet marketing & SEO strategies.

Located in Rochester, MN and in business since 1998, we do what it takes to earn your business.



"Area51 Computers" was founded in 1998 as a builder of custom high end gaming systems, workstations and servers.

In 1999 Area51 Computers acquired Netaffect, Inc a web hosting company originally established in 1996.

In 2000 "Area51 Services" was born as part of our move to IT Services and Website Solutions.

In 2001 we relocated to downtown Rochester, MN and added Wireless Internet Services.

In mid 2005 we acquired "X-Games of Rochester" assets and Established "Lounge51" as our "Internet Gaming Center".

In 2010 We relabeled the company as "" for simplicity.

In 2011 we established a carrier neutral presence in Minneapolis MN to provide more cost effective services for network hungry applications and clientèle.


Our current list of services include;

Website Design

Our design team can create just about anything you can imagine from interactive web 3.0 professional websites to creative and unique niche designs.

Print Design

Whether its a business card, company letterhead or full blown marketing presentation our print design will meet or exceed your expectations

Logo Design

We've designed hundreds of logos for out clients, we can also design one for you.

Internet Marketing

From ads and remarketing to content creation and site optimizations our internet marketing team is second to none.

Hosted Solutions

We offer a wide range of custom hosting solutions to meet or clients needs Including; Web Hosting, eMail Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Server co-Location, Application Servers, VPS(Virtual Private Servers), Cloud Computing Clusters, Cloud Computing Clusters, File Storage Solutions, Database Servers and Emergency Backup and Fail-over Solutions, VIOP(Voice Over IP).

Internet access

From wireless to rural access we have a wide range of business access solutions.

Onsite Computer Repair Services

We provide professional onsite service and repair for business operations and home office professionals.

Managed IT Services

In house IT can be expensive and overwhelming to take on, many of our clients have found it advantageous to hire us rather than keep a full time IT staff. With 24/7 support, a personal touch and decreased overall cost our managed IT services just makes "cents".

Network Security

An incorrectly setup network can be disastrous and cost you not only time and headache but hurt your reputation. Our team can help you to secure your network and provide a good plan for security and intrusion detection within your network.

Custom Built Servers and Gaming Systems

How it all started, we've been building custom high end gaming systems and servers since 1998. Need help with your next build out? give us a call: 507 536-9556



Always moving forward, is committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients, we strive to meet the growing demands of this dynamic market and provide continued best of market service.

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Minnesota State Name Registrations
Area51 Computers 07/17/1998, 6/19/2024 11:36:39 PM 11/03/1999, 6/19/2024 11:36:39 PM
Area51 Services 02/10/2003, 6/19/2024 11:36:39 PM

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Your Feedback is appreciated. If you would like immediate assistance please fill out the form below or call us:
507 536-9556(Rochester, MN)
218 743-2632(Bigfork, MN)

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